Something to look forward to

2014-01-24 15:13:26 by TEIONmusic

Hey guys, 

Sorry I haven't posted anything recently, I've been working really hard on my music and just dying to release these.  I consider myself a perfectionist, and thats why all of my track releases has been delayed.  I have to go through the mixing process over and over again until I consider the track to be "done".  

Also, I shifted focus from being a soundcloud person to newgrounds person.  I find that the community here is so much more alive than the rest of the crowd.  You guys are so supportive and awesome.  I'll be putting up some of my old tracks for you guys to enjoy.  

I decided that my side-project, TEION, has evolved into my main focus.  Mystek used to be more mellow dubstep, but I like high-energy, but also beautiful type tracks.  More uplifting?  I don't know, my music will speak for itself.  

We will see eachother again through music,